Teaching kids to “walk tall” through stilt walking and dancing from West African and Caribbean traditions.

About Tad-Poles Stilt Dancing

Tad-Poles is a semester-based arts education program open to all individuals 12+ years of age. It gives participants the opportunity to “Walk Tall” as they dance, do acrobatics, and entertain audiences on stilts.

Tad-poles workshops:

  • Create an appreciation of the performing arts and cultural understanding of the arts from other countries
  • Cultivate the skills of imagination and collaboration
  • Encourage good health through joyful physical activity
  • Offer opportunities to build confidence through community performances
  • Connect participants to enriching educational experiences with guest artists from around the world


The Tad-Poles Mission is to: foster cultural pride and encourage tolerance and collaboration, give children in underserved communities the opportunity to experience the arts free of charge and encourage good health through joyful physical activity.

Guest artists from around the world join Amphibian’s Tad-Poles each year to deepen and enrich the educational experience and enhance the impact of performances.


Tad-Poles Spring Semester

Spring Semester Class: Saturday, Feb  25th- May 6th
Time: 10 am -11:30 am
Venue: Amphibian Stage, 120 South Main St Fort Worth, TX
Age 12 years – 18 years
Call or email Program Coordinator Andrea Ballard andrea@amphibianstage.com/ 817 923 3012


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