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Seeking AEA & Non-AEA Actors for SparkFest




Amphibian Stage’s highly anticipated 3rd Annual SparkFest returns June 1-14.  SparkFest is a 3-week festival celebrating all things theatre and creativity.  Part of the festival’s activities include the development and readings of 5 new plays.  3 plays receive up to 20 hours of rehearsal and 2 public readings over the course of one week.  2 plays receive up to 8 hours of rehearsal and a first-read public reading over the course of several days.

All rehearsals and performances will take place between June 3-June 11.  Most rehearsals are scheduled in the evenings on weekdays and daytime/evenings on weekends.  Performed readings will take place in the evenings on weekdays and daytime/evenings on weekends.  A full festival schedule will be announced by Tuesday, May 2.

Rehearsals and performances will take place at Amphibian Stage:

120 South Main Street

Fort Worth, TX 76104

Seeking AEA and NON AEA actors for all roles (see breakdown below).

These are paid positions.

All auditions are via video submission. Submit auditions here:

Audition submissions are accepted through Monday, May 1 until midnight.

Callbacks are by appointment only and will be held virtually with the Director/Playwright of each project.  Callbacks will take place as early as Tuesday, May 2.


All actors should prepare a short contemporary monologue, either comic or dramatic.  Please do not exceed 2 minutes.


***Unless specifically denoted, roles are open to any race***

The Handless King by Harley Elias

Director to be announced

Two eunuch scribes argue over the transition from Cuneiform to Aramaic in 728 BCE, and in turn wrestle with the purpose of writing, changing technologies, state violence, systemic oppression, the possibility of revolution, gender, disability, and the invention of poetry. A dark comedy for anyone who has ever wanted to draw triangles in clay.

UBRU – An older eunuch. He should appear distinctly older than Dilgan. Ubru is a self-assured, passionate poet. Capable of excitement, lust for life, and vitality, as well as desperation, anguish, and frustration with life. An artist who feels things violently and fully. To be played by an actor of any gender.
DILGAN – A younger male. He should feel and appear younger than Ubru. Dilgan is youthful, unfussy, laissez-faire, unspoilt-by-the-world, chill, pseudo-slackerish kind of guy. A not-annoying tech-bro?
The ADMINISTRATOR – An army functionary, annoying boss, no-time for excuses, not someone to mess around with kind of person. Somebody who performs more ‘dominant masculinity’ over the two eunuchs. Exasperated, fake-macho, got better things to do than yell at you. Any gender.

Take My Milk for Gall by Leela Velautham

Directed by Illana Stein

A prequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, charting the breakdown of the Macbeths’ relationship as the couple fail to produce an heir.

LADY MACBETH, Female, late 30s, any race
MACBETH, Male, late 30s, any race
CHILD, Female, pre-teen, any race
MOIRA, Female, mid 60s, any race
DOCTOR, Male, mid/late 30s, any race
CAROL, Female, Macbeth’s mother, mid 60s, any race
PRIEST, Male, mid/late 30s, any race
VILLAGER, Female, late 50s/ early 60s, any race
CHILD, MOIRA, DOCTOR, CAROL, PRIEST and VILLAGER would ideally all be played by the same actor.

The Ushers by Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Reena Dutt

Charlotte and Graham are good people trying to make a difference in their community. After attending an inspiring lecture by a motivational speaker, they return home resolved to try and do more to make things better and more equitable for others in any way they can. But just before they turn in for the night, they spot a car theft in progress right outside their window. Suddenly their renewed resolve to do good and participate more in their community is put to the test.

CHARLOTTE …… European-American. Age-range mid-40s to mid 50s.
GRAHAM ……….European-American. Age-range 50s to 60s
MUNIRAH ………African-American. Age-range late 20s to mid 30s.
VARIOUS VOICES….Any race or age.

Feeding the Cat, Incorrectly, Several Times Over by Shyama Nithiananda

Directed by Katie Ibrahim

Jo and Jen live parallel lives: they work in hospitals, pay their rents, and fight with their boyfriends. When a personal crisis brings them together, Jo makes a professional call that forces her to reckon with the limits of her compassion.

Jo: Mid 20s, med student.
Peter: Mid 20s, high school English teacher.
Jen: Mid 20s.
Marcus: 16. Peter’s student.
Professor: 50s. Jo’s advisor.

IRON HENRY by Roger Calderon

Directed by Emily Scott Banks

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Frog-King, or Iron Henry,” Iron Henry revolves around a royal courtier whose life has been marked by grief but must find a way to move forward after his best friend disappears.

Henry: early to mid 20s, male, nebbish and timid
Philip / Frog / Herald*: early to mid 20s, male, dashing and headstrong
Maleen / Enchantress / Water Nix*: late 40s-early 50s; regal and majestic as Maleen; mysterious and frightening as Enchantress

*denotes off stage voice

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Amphibian Stage is a non-profit theatre company founded in 2000 by three alumni of TCU’s Department of Theatre who strive to produce innovative and engaging theater that inspires new ideas, opens new doors, and increases our understanding of the vast world around us. Now in our twenty-second season, Amphibian has produced numerous groundbreaking and challenging plays (some regional premieres, other US or world premieres) that foster a deeper understanding of ourselves as members of the global community. Amphibian is widely recognized for producing stylistically and thematically varied scripts.


Audition submissions are accepted through Monday, May 1 until midnight.

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