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heatre and acting star Kymbali Craig is ready to make a scene at tonight’s debut of No Child — a one-woman production which explores the themes of New York City’s public school system.

Premiering at the Amphibian Stage with pay-what-you-want shows on March 30-31, the production will continue through the first weekend of April with pricier tickets but catered receptions, followed by six general admission shows through April 17.

Craig is an award-winning actress, young adult’s book author and short film director. Before taking the stage as 16 vastly different characters, we took a few minutes to speak with her about her success as an actress.

FWTX: Let’s talk about how you started performing.

Craig: Back in the ’90s, I just kind-of started performance art, like one-woman shows and just incorporating my spoken word with theatre. And I had a nonprofit for young people and was a teaching artist for a nonprofit for many years. I just started to focus on getting my headshots and everything, and then I started auditioning. I didn’t realize you had to have a manager agent to get in film and television, but I was very fortunate with a friend who helped me get a manager.

FWTX: So, there are 16 different characters that you perform as in ‘No Child.’ Do you have a favorite?

Craig: I like a few of them, but Ms. Tam is my favorite because I wasn’t sure how I was going to find her. Then one night, this voice came into my head, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s it.’ She’s Asian. She’s very kind and sweet — and a good teacher. I love that process of finding a character. But the strongest character is the janitor and Mrs. Kennedy, the principal.

FWTX: What do you love about performing one-woman shows?

Craig: I seem to be able to pull it off. It is what it is. I love ensemble work — to work with other actors. There’s always a lot of fun.

But my favorite process about doing one woman shows is all the discovery that happens and how much you grow as an artist when you’re done. It always surprises me.

I’m always learning and growing. I think it’s really important to not stop growing, so these shows always challenge me in ways I’m not quite sure I’m able to do them, and here I am. I always make it, and it’s like magic.

I think it’s really important to not stop growing, so these shows always challenge me in ways I’m not quite sure I’m able to do them, and here I am. I always make it, and it’s like magic.

FWTX: Who are your biggest influences in the industry?

Craig: I really love Tracy Ullman, Carol Burnett and Anna Deavere Smith.

FWTX: Have you ever been to Fort Worth?

Craig: No. This is actually my first time to Texas.

FWTX: Wow, OK, so I/m sure you had expectations from all these stereotypes of Fort Worth and Texas. What do you plan on doing while you’re in town?

Craig: I’m a spa queen, so I want to check out the Spa Castle here. Maybe some Tex-Mex. I love tacos, and I’ve already tried Torchy’s Tacos. I’ve already tried one authentic taco spot with delicious homemade tacos.

FWTX: Is there anything that you’d like to add that you want people to know about you?

Craig: I’m an artist through and through. I also have a children’s book out. I’m an actor; an author; a director. I do all of it. It’s on Amazon, called Justice. I hope i can get it into school and integrate it, so children can have conversations about it.

I’m very passionate about the human condition. And race is a big part of it. I’m passionate about bringing people together and learning more about everyone’s story between each one. That’s why I love doing these one on this show. Because you get to be all these different people. And it’s like, you know, I think to give people a voice I really interested in like that.

I also have a short film that you can see the trailer on YouTube, it’s called “Skin Deep Skin Type” — and it looks at how living in urban communities, what’s it like to live in urban communities and the aftermath of that.