Community Nights at Amphibian Stage are an opportunity for theatre lovers who share an identity to connect over refreshments and conversation before and after enjoying an Amphibian event. 

Friday, August 4th: LGBTQIA+ Night

For tickets to LGBTQIA+ Night, contact Ayesha at

Amphibian Stage Hosts: TBA
Community Host: TBA

6:30PM Pre-Show Happy Hour catered by TBD local company at Amphibian Stage
8:00PM Miss Molly Performance
10:00PM Post-Show Mixer at TBD local bar

Miss Molly is a world premiere play, written by Christine Carmela and directed by Evan Michael Woods, two TCU alumni. It’s 1889 London, darling, where the only game in town is the pursuit of the perfect partner. Lifelong friends Matthias and Aloysius are convinced they’ve struck gold with the dazzling sisters, Molly and Genevieve. The stage is set for a perfect match…or is it? Enter the ever-discerning Viscountess Houseington, who detects a whiff of something fruity surrounding her daughter’s potential suitors…not to mention the boys’ formidable mothers are determined to put their future in-laws through the ultimate test. Get ready for a sidesplitting, love-struck escapade that’s enough to make Oscar Wilde clutch his pearls!

Is this event free?
You will need a ticket to Miss Molly to attend the pre or post-show events. Tickets range from $15-60; you choose your own price!Food at the pre-show event is free. Drinks will be discounted. Attendees will purchase their own food or drinks after the show.

Are you hosting any other events like this?
During the run of Miss Molly, we will also be hosting an Under 40 Night on August 11th.

Can I attend Miss Molly on August 4th if I’m not in the LGBTQIA+ community?
Yes! Only the pre-show and post-show events are specifically crafted for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. The August 4th performance of Miss Molly is open to the general public, just like any other show.

Do I need to RSVP?
Please shoot Ayesha an email to RSVP to LGBTQIA+ Night and get your tickets to the 8/4 performance of Miss Molly.

For tickets to LGBTQIA+ Night, contact Ayesha at