Originally published on Fort Worth Report. 

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, Texas (September 13, 2022) –Amphibian Stage prepares to open their final mainstage production of the 2022 season – the world premiere of The Hollow – a work based upon the stories of Washington Irving adapted by playwright John Rapson (October 12- November 6, 2022). Irving and his awe-inspiring tales are best known as some of the first works of fiction in the United States. His writings laid the foundation for some of the world’s most popular authors, including Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King. In perfect timing with the spooky season, Amphibian Stage will transform their Black Box theater into Irving’s eerie world, bringing the lore to life through ghostly stories and astonishing magical elements that underscore the 90-minute theatrical experience.

At the heart of The Hollow is an homage and exalting of Washington Irving’s vast and sadly forgotten influence on the literary world. Literary lovers can dive deep into this exploration of the man often cited as the father of American Fiction. This new world premiere brilliantly weaves traditional text with new imaginings creating an entry point for curious contemporary audiences.

When asked about the importance of bringing this production to North Texas audiences, Amphibian Stage Founder and Artistic Director Kathleen Culebro said, “Amphibian Stage is honored to welcome this outstanding talent to Fort Worth for the second world premiere this season! Viewers will be blown away by this reimagining of Irvin’s stories. Irving was one of the country’s first creative voices, and it’s fitting that today’s leading visionaries would choose to tell his stories. It’s a rare gift to see fiction come full circle from early 19th-century literature to the 21st-century stage. The Hollow offers creative insight into two brilliant men [Irving and Rapson] centuries apart and shows Irving’s work still has relevance today. We’re thrilled to invite North Texas audiences to experience this humorous and frightful production – closing the season on an eerie note.”