Originally published in Fort Worth Magazine.

The annual event will take place over three weekends and, in addition to the fashion show, will include staged readings, workshops, and comedy events.

or the second year, Amphibian Stage will bring three weekends-worth of creativity to the Near Southside via their soon-to-become-a-Fort-Worth-staple Spark Fest.

The festival kicks off this Friday with Light Up the Runway, a friendly competitive fashion show — akin to “Project Runway.” The competitors? Six Fort Worth influencers, who will team up to make three separate design teams. Only, instead of high-quality textiles, the “designers”  can use only unusual items (donated by the fine people at the Welman Project) and previous costumes from the theater’s stage productions.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Heidi Klum as a judge/panelist, we’re afraid you’ll have to settle for one of Fort Worth’s elite taking her place as one of three judges.

“I was really hungry to do something creative … Even if it doesn’t result in some masterwork, [the fashion show] feels good and fun to do it.” – Kathleen Culebro

Last year’s Spark Fest marked the theater’s first competition fashion show. And, while it was successful, Amphibian Stage wanted to polish it up for this year and make fun mini competitions. Stand-up comedian Paulos B. Feerow will serve as the competition’s master of ceremonies. Attendees can also enjoy drinks and complimentary snacks from Tarantula Tiki Lounge.

“We are looking forward to the laughter,” Kathleen says. “That was my favorite part last year. People were cracking up over the most insane things. I love fun competitions where everyone is egging each other on for fun.”

Check below for all of the events happening during Spark Fest.

Amphibian Stage 120 S. Main St