Staged Readings

JULY 23 & 24, Spark Fest

Haunted Play [A Tale of the Naïve and Macabre]

written and directed by Steven Dietz

Two writers arrive at a darkened theatre to receive an undisclosed award. What they receive instead is a play “ghosted” by a host of other famous works. They encounter a steep fall – both comic and macabre – into their deepest creative fears.

JULY 16, Spark Fest


by Charles Jackson Jr., directed by Zetra Goodlow

Charles Jackson Jr.’s Elusive is an experimental dramatic fantasy about the effect that having an absent mother has on a child.

JULY 16, Spark Fest

Oleanna Part II

by Chris Cragin Day, directed by Lily Wolff

When Dr. Roark gets a request from one of her students to go over his essay after class, she readies herself for the usual one-on-one writing tutoring that she’s excelled at her entire career. But when they meet in her office, she finds that he’s there for very different reasons and she’s thrown into a political battle that threatens to ruin her career entirely.

JULY 22 & 24, Spark Fest

The Amazing, Fabulous, and Spectacular Untruths of Juan Garcia

translated and adapted from LA VERDAD SOSPECHOSA by Juan Ruiz de Alarćon by Kathleen Culebro

When Juan Garcia returns home to Oaxaca after years at the university in Mexico City, he’s ready to make an impression and take over as the fanciest, smartest, richest man in town….never mind that he’s none of those things.

JULY 21 & 23, Spark Fest

through a glass darkly

by Erin Malone Turner, directed by Sky Williams

It’s summertime in 1980s southern Louisiana when a group of ardent camp counselors discover alternate dimensions within the campground’s forest. This play uses science fiction and New Orleans-based Black history to explore emerging into adulthood, enjoying romance amidst a crushing loss, and how sorrow can take root into terrains as well as hearts. How can we keep sight of what we owe each other?


JULY 15, Spark Fest

Light Up the Runway & Kickoff Party

Six influencers make up 3 teams that compete to create the best gown or costume with limited time and the unusual items we find lying around our theatre.It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s always a surprise what they come up with.


JULY 29 & 30, Spark Fest

Ashley Ray: Stand-Up Comic Residency

Ashley Ray is the most famous bisexual solo polyamorous black queer comedian, actor, and writer currently based in Los Angeles. In 2021, she was featured in Bust for her “whip smart TV criticism.” And yes, she’s also famous for smoking pot.


JULY 23, Spark Fest

Playwriting Masterclass with Steven Dietz

A play is a living, shifting, proximate narrative event, and therefore requires a unique skill set of its author: the ability to bring stories to life in real time …and keep them alive. This course seeks to name, explore and exploit the three primary tools for making a story that is forever “quickening”:Motion, Status, and Time. A lively and fundamental class for both the experienced writer and the novice.